About Us

About Us

Nsimani Advertising is a fast-growing outdoor adverting company which was established in 2011.
Our main purpose since our existence is to continue and provide premier outdoor footprint advertising
service to meet out clients needs, we are driven by our strength, patience and passion to provider
the best services to our clients objective. We help our customers help their customers.

Mission Statement

Nsimani Advertisng is aimed at capitalising its efforts in the following aspects:

• Contributing towards meeting the fast growing demand by becoming the nerve center in advertising.

We will accomplish our mission statement providing excellent services to our clients and continuously
developing the necessary support to meet the needs of our clients.

Fields of Service

The following are the key expertise for the company:

• Billboard Advertising - We continue to identify some of the busiest roads to full satisfaction for our clients.

• Street Light Advertising - Best, convenient and affordable way of advertising that will meet the need of our
small to medium clients.